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The Voga Method

Sequences to sculpt and shape. Build strength and Co-ordination; Confidence with Style.

Voga Classic
Key Style – 45 Min Workout

This session introduces you to the concept of finding the inherent power in the yoga pose and expressing and performing this strength through flowing, co-ordinated and dramatic arm and body movements that focus the mind and Instil a sense of natural rhythm. The session will play out to an iconic soundtrack of dynamic dance to dreamy disco while you learn to fuse the breath-synchronised movement of Yoga with the expressive moves of a dance class. Introduction to vogueing arms which tone the arms and create a powerful energising alignment.

Voga Core
Core Focus – 45 Min Workout

Like VOGA CLASSIC this session promises to further develop co-ordination, increase flexibility in the spine and longevity of life; focus the mind; build on the meditative power of repetition; channel your inner vogue and the energy flow of movement; strengthen legs and abdominals; and tone arms and bums. The strong vinyasa flow of VOGA CLASSIC shifts to a more core-strengthening centralised practise highlighting how EVERY moment we make originates from the core and firmly establishing a centrality to your VOGA practise from which to explore shapes.

Voga Flex
Flexibility Focus – 45 Min Workout

This session plays on a deeper level with the strength-making potential in making shapes and strong yet slinky silhouettes. To counterbalance the powerful Helmut Newton-esque arm movements, VOGA FLEX gradually works to open your hips with flowing leg work to ease you into visualising and ultimately achieving the splits. Increasing flexibility is at the core of this practise without losing strength, performed by the VOGA arms.

Voga Mama
Prenatal Class

VOGA MAMA offers the buzz of a regular workout while also safely preparing the body and mind for birth. The routine hones in on the classic body insecurities of many expectant mums, focusing on arm gestures designed to both tone and build a sense of female power; shoulder and neck exercises to release pre-birthing anxiety; thigh and hip opening techniques to strengthen the body for birth,; and breath flow to calm the mind and connect with the body at this stressful but exciting time in any expectant mothers’ life.

Voga Bebe
Postnatal Class

Perfect for women who want to benefit both themselves and their baby, boosting self-esteem while creating a strong bond. Unlike no other baby class, this updates the traditional nursery rhythm focused sessions with a soundtrack of 80s soul which not only boosts mum’s morale but also stimulates the baby, offering a soothing but upbeat backdrop for some basic yoga moves. An equal mix of yoga and massage for your baby with egyptian goddess poses to work the mums, there’s lots of fun and soul boosting to be had whilst singing to 80s classics and throwing united shapes. Babies and Mums welcome

Madonna Special

Created by popular demand, this class with a complete Madonna soundtrack from start to finish from Get into the groove to Like A Virgin, shows students how to fully connect to the physicality of the body through breath, movement and music, Madonna style. It epitomises an 80s enjoyment to ‘exercising’ and offers a sense of empowerment and sass you can transfer to everyday life. Great for a hen or party booking.

Silent Disco

On request, we offer this as the ultimate in VOGA experiential events. You can choose any session and pair it up with a sound system and head sets to add some mystery, excitement and intensity to your VOGA practise and make you at one with the beat. Please contact for more details.


The session plays out to an 80s soundtrack that takes you all the way through madonna for the dynamic parts to dreamy disco for your downtime, including some contemporary jamie jones and wildkats beats for the ‘waacking’ moments in-between.

Dynamic dance to dreamy disco.

7 Day Voga Challenge

Make a Voga habit. Go with the flow.

Day 1
Absorb the moves
Day 2
Start to move to the beat
Day 3
Begin to feel your way into the physicality of the body. How does it FEEL?
Day 4
Feel and SEE the difference in tone of your arms, legs and glutes.
Day 5
Your whole body IS more flexible and you’re living the moment. Mental focus and clarity.
Day 6
You’ll begin to lose weight, build muscle tone and strength in the whole body. Mentally strong and energised.
Day 7
You OWN the moves and your space on your dance mat. Clear intention, body language, alignment and precision.


Channel your inner Voga.

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