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So is Brazil just beach bodies and bums. Well kinda. But in the best way.  And much much more…

Brazilian woman fully ‘live’ their bodies – celebrating, parading, posing and dancing their way through life like one endless carnival. You WILL fall in love with Rio.

Leblon, Ipanema, Copacobana is one endless stretch of city-hugging beaches boasting scantily dressed bodies, fluoro colours and vibrant designs reflecting a thoroughly 80s aesthetic. My kind of city!








And it’s this vibe and confidence we need to celebrate in the UK! How’s this for an idea – by 2016…well maybe 2020…we’ll have every size, shape, curve and womanly nuance sporting the famously skimpy brazilian g-string bikini at London Fields Lido, Hampstead Heath and the British seaside too! Get with it – There’s a reason why Brazilian waxes are available in this country.

Think Margate, Brighton and Newquay! And watch out for designer bikinis featured below by Elin Ritter coming soon to House of VOGA.








And remember…the bigger the body, the more chance you have to Xpress yourself and the more awesome fabric you have on display. FACT!








I miss Rio but happy in the knowledge that I fully ‘lived’ it too, proudly paraded a G-string at Posto9, pranced with a sunset VOGA crew on an Ipanema rooftop (www.yogabodyrio.com) sambaed and salsaed through the carnival blocos with my man, longboarded my way down the skaters beach walk, yogaed the piste of the breathtaking Deus Hermeus and left Rio firm in the belief that VOGA has its roots in this culture and will be back again!
















If you’re in Brazil and fancy flirting with one of these below though, my advice is to swop the fried foods for the the acai smoothie, ‘sem azucar’. Delicious and health buzzing!

Fijao (black beans), broccoli rice, papaya juice and dried bananas top of my healthy option list too!












My message for you in VOGA terms?

Brazil for me was all about colour. It’s vibrant, friendly and buzzing with life.

Healthwise – Simply – Colour is a healer. It’s scientifically good for you! Enjoy it and welcome the aspect of fashion into your VOGA practise. It’s all part of the process!

If you’re wondering where to start try Elin at www.posto9Activa.com.

VOGA, takes it’s holistic base and strength from yoga, it’s pose and attitude from vogueing, it’s now time to add a purely Brazilian flavour of colour and ease – LOVE yourself, your body, your life and Xpress yourself through any means available – colour, fashion and confidence!

Sashay those hips. Join the VOGA trail…

Look out for us at LOVEBOX this summer…